Software Analytics

The ParkCo Solution

ParkCo’s software analyzes the usage pattern of each parking asset to provide insights into demand, slack utilization & turnover. Continuous learning AI and competing algorithms identify the best forecasting methodology and learns from past seasonal and site specific events.

The net result is clear, actionable recommendations around overselling opportunities, stall mix optimization, pricing strategies and enforcement.

Dynamic Yield Management

Demand based, real-time dynamic pricing similar to the hotel and airline industry.

Oversell Recommendations
Oversell Recommendations

Ability to identify peak occupancy and recommend opportunities to oversell excess capacity.

Mix Optimization
Mix Management

Optimize the mix of visitor, Electric Vehicle (EV), tenant, and transitory parking.

Lease Management
Lease Management

Once excess capacity has been identified, ParkCo can lease those stalls to third parties on the landlord’s behalf, leveraging our deep real estate network.

Real Time Data Feed
Real-time Data Feed 

ParkCo’s real-time data feed supports cost-effective on-site wayfinding solutions.

Tenant Analytics

License Plate Recognition capabilities allow the landlord to track the usage of specific tenants. The resulting insights serve as a valuable aid in lease negotiations and executing oversell strategies.


Real-time push notifications are generated as pre-defined infractions materialize. Enhance the efficiency of your property management & tenant experience.

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