The ParkCo Solution

ParkCo installs high performing sensors enabling real-time data interaction/collection.

PlacePod Surface Mount Sensor

PlacePod In-Ground Sensor

High Precision

The industry’s highest fidelity magnetic sensing systems for vehicle detection.

Continuous Detection
Continuous Detection 

PlacePod’s provides continuous vehicle detection without missing a single parking event.

Wireless Configuration
Wireless Configuration

Capability for wireless configuration and software updates using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) via mobile iOS and Android Applications.

Accurate Detection
Accurate Detection 

Unlike other magnetic sensor-based parking sensors, PlacePod accurately detects parking events in dense urban environments and filters out electromagnetic interference.

Lorawan Network
LoraWan Network

Includes a built-in LoraWan radio that communicates to a gateway or base station with complete Low Power Wide Area network (LPWAN) compability.

Third Party Integration
3rd Party Integration 

The PlacePod can be shared with 3rd-party applications (including iOT platforms, parking enforcement, mobile payment, parking management systems, parking guidance systems).

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