The ParkCo Solution

ParkCo installs high performing sensors to provide simple, real-time wayfinding solutions.
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With ParkCo’s sensors deployed to support its revenue enhancement software platform, landlords can leverage this existing deployment to support onsite wayfinding capabilities.

Real time parking stall status is directed on a consolidated basis to LED signage located at the entrance of the parking lot or drive aisle. This tenant facing data eases congestion, lowers parking violations, and supports an enhanced customer experience.

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Sensor Based Technology

Cost effective solution, leveraging parking stall sensors already deployed in the parking lot.

intuitive signage
Intuitive Signage

LED signage provides the user an easy and quick way to identify open parking stalls.

Lease Management
Seamless Integration

ParkCo offers a turnkey solution to integrate enforcement services into our core revenue enhancement software solution.


LED signage is maintained by ParkCo over the term of its contract.

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