The ParkCo Solution

ParkCo installs high performing cameras to provide simple, real-time enforcement solutions.
Push Notification

The ParkCo solution uses high resolution cameras to direct real time images to our enforcement platform. Utilizing Lincense Plate Recognition (LPR) software, these images are compared to the landlords’ database to confirm vehicle authorization. If an unauthorized vehicle is detected and pre-defined landlord guidelines are violated, a push notification will be directed to the property manager for enforcement intervention.

Security Camera

License Plate Recognition (LPR) Enabled Cameras

email notification

Mobile Enforcement Notifications

Ip Camera
Internet Protocol (IP) Camera

Cameras have the ability to seamlessly connect to the landlords’ database of authorized vehicles via internet, ensuring quick detection and recognition.


The License Plate Recognition software is able to capture license plates regardless of weather conditions.

Lease Management
Seamless Integration

ParkCo offers a turnkey solution to integrate enforcement services into our core revenue enhancement software solution.


The hardware is maintained by ParkCo over the term of its contract.

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