Add power to your parking profits.

The occupancy dynamics in parking lots are constantly changing. The ParkCo Insight analytics platform, with its suite of “build-to-suit” add ons, enables you to gather critical information that powers more profits into your parking asset.

Learn more and earn more when you’re powered by ParkCo.

ParkCo’s proprietary analytics and custom 360° parking asset management solution collects data, learns changing behaviours and predicts parking demand to keep your lot fuller, longer.

Boost your parking asset’s profits using the ParkCo platform.

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Convert your parking asset into a profit centre with ParkCo.

Optimize your parking revenue:

When you’re powered by ParkCo Insight™, your parking lot can maintain a higher level of increased occupancy. ParkCo’s intelligent AI engine learns usage patterns, allowing you to choose to sell more parking passes than you do today, reducing vacancies and increasing daily revenue.

Each tool is designed to increase your profits and parking asset value.

Whether you choose the fully-integrated ParkCo Insight™ platform, or choose only a single add-on product in the suite, you’ll know more, do more and make more.

ParkCo’s dashboard puts clear and actionable data at your fingertips.

All information is collected real-time, 24/7, and is reported to you in an easy-to-use dashboard that provides actionable data that you and your property team can use to optimize revenue, occupancy, compliance and security.

ParkCo Insight™

Collected data is reported to you realtime, providing valuable and actionable insights that directly improve your bottom line.

Insight Pay

Insight Pay provides visitors with a quick, cashless “tap-and-go” payment solution, whether installed at entry/exit points or inside as a self-standng kiosk.

Insight Monitor

Insight Monitor provides 24/7 surveillance at your parking facility, sending you an instant notification to your smartphone when violations arise.

Insight Secure

Using license plate recognition cameras, Insight Secure provides access control for your parking lot to manage the entry and compliance of your property.

Insight Detect™

Insight Detect uses electromagnetic sensor technology to monitor your parking 24/7, providing you with real-time occupancy information.

Insight Route™

Insight Route directs vehicles to the nearest available vacant space.

For owners, by owners.

ParkCo Insight™ was created by people who have owned parking assets for years. So the solutions are built for REAL challenges faced by real estate property owners, managers, developers and builders, resulting in boosting the operational efficiency and revenue gains.

“ParkCo’s proprietary analytics and custom 360° insights showed us many opportunities we were missing in our parking lot. The boost in revenue was more than we anticipated.”

Who is powered by ParkCo?

• Building Owners & Developers of Office, Apartment and Retail
• Property Managers & Parking Lot Managers

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Power additional profits into your parking asset.

Whether your challenge is big (like implementing payment, gated security and wayfinding), or small (like monitoring non-compliance of visitors), ParkCo’s suite of add-ons allows you to custom build the perfect solution.