Capitalizing Capacity

Transform your parking portfolio into a data-driven profit center.

Boost Utilization & Revenue

Intelligent, data-driven solutions for optimizing parking capacity.

ParkCo’s optimized parking solution analyzes stall usage across commercial & residential developments, enabling landlords and property managers to monetize underutilized assets, enhance operations, and surface added availability for their tenants.

Leveraging IoT (Internet of Things) sensor technology to monitor stall occupancy in real-time, ParkCo maps each building’s unique parking usage profile. Predictive analytics identify opportunities for overselling existing stalls, optimizing stall mix, and boost overall yield through demand based pricing.

ParkCo’s Proprietary Technology


Track stall occupancy with the industry’s most accurate, always on, ultra-low power sensors – without the need for WiFi connectivity.


Leverage the power of ParkCo’s analytics software to identify opportunities for increasing stall usage and boosting revenue.


Identify new opportunities for increased utilization with ParkCo’s embedded software AI.  Competing algorithms identify the forecasting methodology that best extrapolates your usage data while our AI trains the system to refine its recommendations over time.

license plate recognition

Enable enforcement capabilities through our License Plate Recognition technology. Get real time notifications as infractions materialize.

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Transform your parking portfolio into a data-driven profit center.
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