ParkCo is created by people who know and own parking assets.

Benefit from knowledge, experience and insightful data.

The founders and innovators of ParkCo are real estate developers and owners. As principals of Momentum Developments – developers of many mixed-use highrise real estate projects – our team has managed the complexities of parking for many years. So, we understand every pain-point. As we designed ParkCo Insight™ we realized that, by collecting insights on the changing occupancy dynamics of our parking facilities, the analytics would uncover many new ways to improve each property’s profitability.

Here are a few of the parking assets ParkCo owns where
ParkCo Insight™ is installed to uncover hidden profits:

Office with mixed retail and residential

Condo residential with retail mix

Condo residential with retail/office mix

Condo residential with retail mix

Condo residential with retail mix

Meet the Team

Brock Boehler
President & Principal
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Bryan Hopps
CEO & Principal
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Andrew Dick
Chief Operating Officer
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Ranusha De Silva
Software Manager
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Corey Ross
Head of Business Development
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Dhara Patel
Head of Account Management
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Sachin Pundir
Software Programming

Jordan Wickens
Software Engineer
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Joel Lavoie